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At Moo Moo Music we accept both originals and covers and we're always on the lookout for fresh upcoming acts.

Moo Moo Music gives artists the opportunity to get their songs onto background music systems in the retail and hospitality industries. Each song played in one of the many playlists will not only give the artist exposure but will also earn royalties!

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Check out our playlists and the genres that we are currently auditioning music for:


Our premier retail channel with something for everyone. Mainstream vocals with a similar style to songs sung by Elton John, Carly Simon, Guy Sebastian, Delta Goodrem, Crowded House and Rob Thomas.


Cafe Chill

It’s the weekend and you’re at your favourite coffee bar or cocktail lounge. Mainly instrumentals with similar style to Café Del Mar.


Cafe Chill - Instrumental

As per Café Chill – 100% instrumental.



Indulge yourself with the sounds of the city’s top restaurants… elegant, yet relaxed with both instrumentals and vocals. Similar style to Michael Buble, Ella Fitzgerald and Diana Krall.


Elegance - Instrumental

As per Elegance – 100% instrumental.


After Dark

An energetic selection of fast pace dance, funky trance, ambient club, house and drum and bass beats


Family Friendly

This perfect blend of smooth vocals and catchy funky tunes provides a relaxed, easy listening feel that sits nicely in the background of any family-friendly café, club or bar.



An eclectic mix of acoustic vocals and instrumentals suitable for a lazy afternoon feel.



A generous mix of relaxed elegant tracks and upbeat pop hits with a pinch of traditional style instrumentals all sourced direct from Italy.



Olah Amigos! The best in Mexican Latin American sounds... perfect for Mexican restaurants.


Velvet Jazz

An elegant, slower and smoother jazz mix. Featuring both full instrumental tracks and vocals of traditional and modern style Jazz.


Sunset Lounge

An eclectic modern laid back lounge mix perfect for grooving to or simply sitting back and relaxing to.


Jazz Bar

An uptempo selection of modern contemporary and traditional jazz instrumental tracks with a hint of vocals that’ll take you back to the good old days of your favourite Jazz bars.


Country Feel

Enjoy the sounds of country! Original tracks and covers of your favourite Australian and American country hits!



A traditional vocal Spanish/Latin mix, in the styles of Jazz, Salsa, Rumba and Flamenco!


Latin Instrumental

An uptempo traditional instrumental Spanish/Latin mix, in the styles of Jazz, Salsa, Rumba and Flamenco!


Midnight Mixtape

An Ambient alternative to After Dark, designed for after dinner drinks, with a lounge vibe, sure to accompany a cocktail with a sometimes down tempo chill out style.



Calming new age, piano, guitar and ambient instrumental sounds. A gentle and calming compilation that will relax the mind and soothe the body. Perfect for Day Spas and Beauty Salons.


An Evening In Paris

A blend of contemporary and traditional French sounds, mixed with dining elegance – Perfect for the French Restaurant offering a fine dining experience.


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