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Echo and the Empress

Echo and the Empress


Meet Echo and the Empress, an Adelaide based musical collaboration of two sisters. This pair of gorgeous girls is perfectly matched, musically, harmonically and through a friendship that knows no bounds. Being considered one of the top ten emerging bands of 2010 by Nova 919 in their SA’s Heaps Good Bands Competition, Skye and Beth have come a long way since first starting out in August 2009. The albums first song Balloon has now been played on Triple J’s‘Home and Hosed’ and ‘Super Request’,‘ Balloon’ also saw the band reach number one on the national community radio AIRIT charts (top ten tracks most ordered for airplay in a week) in June 2011.

With the combination of uncomplicated chord progressions, vivacious melodies, unique harmonies and a variety of household instruments (including chopsticks) they produced some demo tracks that quickly drew some attention from those close to them and abroad. They were listed as one of the “Watch Out for” website’s top 10 local bands of 2009 and in a later interview, the site’s Lisa Dib stated “the girls play deliriously harmonic indie folk/ pop and look as if they’ve stepped straight out of a lush green forest. But it’s more than sunny afternoons in flowing frocks and indie pop.” This initial attention was the catalyst that connected them to a few producers, with whom they commenced a serious musical production endeavour. At this point the girls were still perplexed by the process of defining their ultimate sound. However their alliance with Mike Sinclair at Red Fox Lounge found them contented with a sound that nailed their alternative twist to light-hearted pop music, and so began the album production.

With more and more songs being uploaded online, triple J’s Rosie Beaton rated Set the boys on fire with 4/5 describing the girls as having “gorgeous harmonies and vocals and cute lyrics.” In late 2011, their music spread internationally and has been positively reviewed and rated by US and UK radio stations such as LS Radio, Balirigg FM and RAW Radio Warwick.

As their performance journey continues, Sam and Elise join the girls on stage with percussion and bass that adorn the simple E&E sounds with vitality. After launching their debut self-titled album on the 31st of March at The Promethean in Adelaide, the girls aspire to take their music interstate and overseas throughout 2011 and 2012.

The world waits with bated breath for these beautiful sisters to fully emerge...And their song writing continues... between them, they have enough new songs to write a whole new album so keep your ears open and ready, Echo and the Empress will certainly charm you with their angelic sound!