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SonicBoy (a.k.a. Tony Hunt)

Over the years, Producer/Songwriter Tony Hunt has worked with many Australian Artists, including James Freud, Tina Arena, Slinkee Minx, Martin Plaza, Phil Ceberano, Rebecca Barnard, Ian Moss, Melissa Tkautz, and literally hundred's of young Artists putting their Singles/EP's/Album's/Demo's together! 

Signed to BMG Music as a staff writer and producer for some of the labels artists throughout the 90's, Tony set up his own production studio in 1989, focusing on solo artists and songwriters, and is now Melbourne based at SonicBoy Studio. 

Tony has had songs released with other artists, Theme music on TV shows, and hundreds of music tracks on a number of TV shows across Australia, U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Europe.